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Taskbar Sites: Introduction

Taskbar Sites are for people running Internet Explorer 5 or later on a PC running Windows 98 or later.

This method puts portal services within easy reach in your taskbar. It is a quick, convenient, and useful way of accessing services.

The taskbar sites give you access to our metasearch engine, newsfeeds, portal, and other services.

These services can be used either as separate components within the taskbar itself or as small 'always on top' windows that are opened via a graphical taskbar interface (as pictured below). The always on top windows will remain on top until you close them, but do not interfere with your ability to interact with any other windows or programs that you may have running behind them.

The individual components and the graphical interface can themselves be displayed as small always on top windows. For more information on this see the taskbar tutorial.

Shows the Always-on-top taskbar loaded in a taskbar
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