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Bookmarklets – general

Bookmarklets are for people running Internet Explorer 5 or later on a PC or a Mac (exceptions annotated).

List All Links
Opens up a small new window containing all the links on the page

List URL Links
Same as above, but does not include local links

Make Page with Selection
Highlight some text on a page and click this and a new window will open containing just that text, which you can then save

Maximize window
Maximizes the window

Open all links
Use with care. This will open every link on a page in a new window

Open all links in new window
Retargets all the links on a page to open in a new window, so the next time you're at Google and you don't want to keep going to one page and then hitting back, just click this one and all the links will open in a new window, which you can just close when you're finished. Invaluable.

Open all links in same new window
Variant of above

Open all links in same window
Variant of above

Bookmarklet menu
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