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Bookmarklets – general

Bookmarklets are for people running Internet Explorer 5 or later on a PC or a Mac (exceptions annotated).

Highlight keyword blue
Click this and you will be prompted to enter a keyword, type the word in and click OK and it will tell you how many times the word occurs on the page and highlight them all with a blue background, making it very easy to skim documents for the bit of information you want

Highlight keyword red
As above but with red highlight

Highlight keyword yellow
As above but with yellow highlight

Highlight links
Highlights all the links on a page

Kill Style Sheets (IE5.5+ only)
Does exactly what it says

Link Sidebar
Opens a reformatted version of any page it is used on. The new page will show all the links from the previous page in a left-hand column, clicking the links opens the relevant page in the right-hand frme, saves hitting the back button a lot

Bookmarklet menu
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