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Taskbar Sites are small sites that are designed to run in your taskbar. The sites are just small purpose-designed Web pages. You do not have to install any software or programs to use them. Set-up is very quick and fairly easy.

Active Wallpapers are desktop wallpapers with a portal in them. Some even come with a few Flash games in them as well. Again, these are just purpose-built standard Web pages, no software is installed. Set-up time is very quick, but the download [200K to 500K] can take a couple of minutes on a dial-up connection.

thumbnail of one of the active wallpapers   thumbnail of one of the active wallpapers

Microsites are perhaps the simplest of all the options. To use them all you have to be able to do is drag a link from one place to another. Microsites work on the idea of breaking a traditional portal into pieces, throwing away all of the adverts and rubbish and then giving you the useful bits, individually, as and when you want to use them.

Bookmarklets are essentially normal hyperlinks on steroids. In simple terms, they are links that contain mini-programs that perform any number of useful functions, from quick searches to enhancing the functionality of your browser.

Hopefully, something here will appeal to you and make your online life just a little bit easier.

About the site

Trylookinghere offers free search, news, and directory services designed to utilize the spaces other sites ignore, for example inside your desktop wallpaper or your taskbar. Trylookinghere offers you a choice of portal systems, all ad-free.

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